Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patronage of orphans

Sometimes miracles happen… I  think so when I remember one boy, Sasha Ismailov. Alesia met him in Adygea, the republic of Russia, in 2010. This was orphanage.  Sasha immediately impressed Alesia. He was 14 years old. He grown up in terrible conditions, but he wrote kind, sensible poems and tales. Sasha opened himself in fairy tales which he wrote in Alesia’s project “Fairy tale therapy”. Alesia and Sasha became friends. After Alesia came back from Adygea they continued communication and… He comes  to us in January 2011. It was amazing holidays for him! He was nowhere except for his small town… Alesia prepared a great interesting program for all 10 days. We showed him our way of life, shared our thoughts. He knew only one way of life… not good… But we try to give him a chance for better life. He’s already adult (15 years old), we can’t change him, but we can help him to do the right choice.
Sasha visited us again this summer. We talked about everything; he’s so clever and smart! Also he was in summer camp for 3 week. It was very interesting, I talk about it later.. ))
Alesia and Sasha. Summer 2011, Moscow
It’s a great idea to help such teenagers! They have no support from parents. We are not parents but we could become real good friends for them!  They just start their life and we could help them  don’t do silly mistakes.

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