Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art exhibition and music improvisation.

This art performance took place in The Central library hall (town Vidnoe, near Moscow), in the March 2010. Our friend and young composer Tatiana Shatkovskaya with her student Marijka  played their improvisation on piano inspired Masha’s paintings. It was really wonderful and amaizing! Marijka and Tatiana showed us in their compositions mood of different Masha’s paintings, they put artwork’s spirit into unique music. Also Masha answered guests’ questions about her artworks and told about conception of her work. Tatiana Shatkovskaya is a daughter of music educator Gregory Shatkovsky. He created the unique new teaching method for children and adults. He told that everybody can play, music is language and if you can speak – you also can play.

Alesia is talking with Tatiana and Marijka.

Masha is telling about her artworks

Marijka is plaing improvisation for the painting "Blue tulips"

Marijka - young talented student

Tatiana Shatkovskaya - young moscow composer and music educator.

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