Monday, September 12, 2011

My project " Open yourself " for the orphans.

Children impressed by their photo albums )
I started this project with one russian charity. We want to help orphans open theirselves. I showed kids their beauty and  unique personality. Many orphans react to pictures of themselves with surprise and delight because they have never seen such a thing before. We try to make every child feel that he is the center of attention, that he himself is someone important, someone needed, someone beautiful and capable of laughter. These children need to believe that their future will be better than their present. We always tell them, “You do have a chance. You can do anything because you are the best!”

Every child has his own photo album.
 Teachers and educators in such places make photo albums but only for their stastistics and don't give photos to children. Sometimes they don't want, sometimes they don't have money for that. But children need it very much. And also these kids have nothing in their life. And child feels happy to have his own beautiful photos in his own album.

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