Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few words about the art exhibition in our town.

I wrote below that 2 Masha's paintings were bought there. And now, about exhibition! "The world through the eyes of countryman". People from our region show their paintings and other artworks. 

    Organizers of the exhibition took 5 of Masha's artworks. 

Also there were some of Masha and Alesia' books. 
Masha is always happy to show her artworks. And it's so nice that people like them. 

 Paintings and books 
The art exhibition was placed here

Two paintings were bought at the exhibition )

  We were so glad! One lady opens new ecological center for kids and bought two paintings with trees and flowers for it.      It's great! Paintings will take their place and will please people.
Trees' dance

Friday, October 28, 2011

Video clip about Masha and Alesia' project "Kind books"

       Not so long ago Masha and Alesia have got a proposal became a TV heroes :-)) It was so fast and unexpectedly that we do not have time to wind up! Our city held a competition between broadcasters from  Moscow Region. All participants should made a short video clip in a few hours. It was named "From the wheels". And one camera crew chose storytellers from town Vidnoe ( Maria and Alexandra).
This video contains a lot of video clips, and video clip about us begins from 10:20 min. It's in russian, of course. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Penetrating story about a talent which hidden in everyone! we should just give a chance this one... 
In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working class woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life. It's a good, touching film.
I like films which give me food for my mind )
This movie made me strong emotions... About life, human choice, destiny, talents, wishes, opportunities... In short I suggest you look it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo studio for children "The Light" in the Orphanage #24. Moscow.

     I started work in the orphanage and yesterday I spent my first lesson there. I worried very much. I prepared. Red books, red my own diaries and notebooks.  And think, think and think! What I should to do, how I should talk to children and in which manner? It’s not just lessons for them and for me. It’s very important. I wish my photo lessons will be “fresh air” for them! They need attention to their personality very much. And I want to help them open their mind. I want to show them freedom, real friendship, kindness, respect and DESIRE TO CREATE. They should have desire to create not only photos but their life and themselves!
     Many ideas I took from book by Johannes Itten “Design and form: the basic course at the Bauhaus”. It’s a great book for designers and artists. And there Itten describes his teaching method. I reflected a lot about Itten’ method and I try to make these ideas a reality in my photo studio. By the way I called it “The Light”. Now I have 2 groups of teenagers (11 children in each one) and 1 group of children of secondary school age (8 children). 

     I planned teach children to be open to the World, to feel their responsibility for that planet, society and themselves. Every week I will give them “food for thought”, I want to wake up their Personality, their Mind. And I will do it through The Photography. They all are at the beginning of their life and I know that I can change their lives. I hope… You can connect with me if you want to do the same things. We could help each other by our experience and our ideas. It will be very interesting for me! 
     Also I want to share with you Johannes Itten ideas:

1.     Above all the Teacher should release and enhance the imagination of pupils. Release their creativity. 

2.    Respect for people is the beginning and the ultimate goal of any education.

3.    See natural gifts and temperament of people and reveal them.

4.    Person must develop harmoniously. All sides: physical, spiritual, intellectual, sensual.
Photo by Romualdas Rakauskas

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book presentations. Novgorod.

Book presentation in Veliky Novgorod took place 8/10/2011. Our friend Zhenia organized two meetings, in children' library and book shop "Bukvoed". It was not ordinary trip, really! We went there by our car - 9 hours with one stop for 30 minutes rest. And as result - I was half asleep, but it was worth it.
People got kind books and inspiring words. Alesia had very nice speech. She told about humanistic education, about exiting ways to teach kids, showed all her books, they include different subjects: music, ecology, morality, wise fairy tales from all over the world, healthy food, mathematics, short tales, tales about animals, professions and another subjects. All of these are important themes for children, for their good education. And these books are a great help for parents! ))
Information about Alesia and Masha' books heard the people who needed it, I think. And I was glad to  feel it. And also it was a great pleasure to met our friends. We ate wonderful dinner and we talked about deep spiritual matters. I feel myself full of warm, sunny thoughts after such meetings! And, of course, photo report:

Children library
Masha sings her song "Little ships", Alesia shows painting "Magic lights".

Masha and Alesia' Kind books ))

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A tit in the hand !

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” This proverb is a very popular warning, widely used in many English-speaking countries. But in Russia it sounds " A tit in the hand is worth a crane in the sky".
And today Alesia gets in her hand pretty tit! )))  But this one was obstinate and grabbed Alesia's finger. But nothing serious...))) It was amazing. This tit flews into her room and landed on the aloe. 
 I think it was Yellow-breasted Tit. You know, such happenings aroused my interest to birds! 
It's like ecology lessons for me! And now I know who is singing in my garden ))
Yellow-breasted Tit grabs Alesia's finger ))  
 Such happenings show me how we can teach kids ecology. Children will support Nature and all creatures around them if we touched kid's hearts by ecology lessons. 
I want take book "In Harmony with Nature" like basis ( there are a lot of information about our planet, about trees, flowers) and also "Funny Animals" ( about different animals). There are games, questions and tales...Such lessons are interesting and useful not only for kids but also for adults. We can combine these books with our wishes and imagination. And... It will be great, I think! 
It's Good Idea to start ecology lessons with your children!  
How we can teach kids to love Nature >>  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo study group. Orphanage.

Wednesday. 5/10/2011. 
It was my first visit to the orphanage where I will start my photo circle for children... I was like little rabbit. I'm not a professional teacher... But I took myself in my own hands! And say: Be strong!
There was nice atmosphere and I hope, everything will be good.
It was Teacher's Day and I took photos.  
 Music was from film "Step Up". 7 class. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Magic portrait and old door ))

Sometimes I feel myself boring…I don’t know what exactly I should to do, but… I start to looking for something new. And I ask myself: What do you want? I sort in my head all activities I know.  One day I feel that I have great wish to try paint on glass. And these photos represent my first  efforts in this field :-) I used acrylic paints for glass.

This is Masha and her Inspiration )) 

This is our old door. I try to refresh it ))

"In harmony with nature"

      "In harmony with nature"
     The first contacts with Nature is the most IMPORTANT as it will stay in his memory all his life. Thus, The First Books on Ecology shouldn't be dry and push-off.
      The stories and poems tell the children things how beautiful and valuable Nature is.

       Aim of this book: Formulating in children an understanding of the mutually dependent relationship between humans and the surrounding natural world.
1. Every human being is responsible for nature. 
2. Nature needs my care and attention. 
3. I can lend nature a helping hand.

      We offer you stories about flowers and tress: Nature's Beautiful Gifts. Each story in friendly and entertaining form introduces children with scientific knowledge of a role of trees and flowers in ECOLOGY of our planet: 
- how they grow; 
- how they look like; 
- how they cooperate with people and with the World of animals and birds.
       The aim of these stories is to cultivate love for the nature, so that the child would feel himself as inseparable part of the Nature. And will learn to benefit from its healing and life-giving forces that people of today are so much in need.
       By losing connection with Nature, we are losing our health - physical and spiritual. Hence, we need to realize it before it is too late! And we must do our best to make our children closer to nature, to help them to feel nature and together with them take care of Ecology of our Planet Earth!

See this book here >>
       The authors would be pleased to receive any comments you may have!