Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Art of Cooking"

In our blog we deside to post short tales from Wise short tales regularly.
And this first short tale I want to devote to our dear Nicole, Masha's niece. She is great in cooking ! )))
And she showed us that cooking can be exciting and charming occupation !
Sushi, pizza, cakes, fish, barbecue and so on....Everything will be delicious!


One day, a group of philosophers were arguing about which profession was the most important. One of them said:
“Teachers are the most important. Without access to education, children would not acquire knowledge, and that would put an end to progress.”
“The human race needs builders most of all,” another philosopher declared. “Without builders, people would have no shelter and there would be no beautiful buildings.”
“Musicians, artists and poets make our lives special. Art separates people from animals,” the third philosopher chipped in.
The friends had just started to discuss which professions could be viewed as proper art, when they were interrupted by one of the philosophers’ students.
He was a servant in the house where the philosophers had their meetings, so the owner of the house let him attend lessons for free.
“Highly respected scholars, you have forgotten to mention cooks,” the student said.
“How dare you interrupt our conversation? Being a cook is not an art. Go into the kitchen and make lunch,” the host said angrily.
The student silently left the room. That day, the pupil disappeared before lunch, and the host had to cook the meal himself. When the philosophers had finished eating, they didn’t feel very well and made their way home.
The owner of the house found a new servant and cook. Time passed, and the philosopher at whose house the meeting had taken place noticed his friends had stopped visiting him, and he had also lost the ability to sit and think deeply about things after dinner. Eventually, the philosopher decided to get rid of the new cook, and he sent his old cook and student a note with the words: You’re right: being a cook is an art, not an occupation.
Soon the philosopher’s friends started to gather in his house to discuss their thoughts once again. Their discussion was only interrupted by lunch, prepared by the student.
“Being a cook is indeed an art, not an occupation,” the host said after lunch, and everyone agreed with him.

And what do you think ? Cooking is an art ?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response about books (from Poland)

My name is Marta, I am 48. I live in Cracow (Krak√≥w), Poland (Polska). I work as a librarian at primary school  and I teach English (children 6-9 old).
I have got a 20-year old son and I know what it means to bring up a child in wisdom, creativity and respect to the world.

While working at school and taking care of my own son I have found a great lack of wise and moral books to support the teachers and the parents in their responsible work. Accidently some days ago  I found in English. It was like a miracle or enlightment.
I discovered  another wonderful  way of educating that is based on the old style Masters of pedagogy, wisdom of nations and religions.

I like very much your ideas of  opening the child mind and soul.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to raise a human being. In Poland most of children spend their time at home, in front of their computers and TV. Their souls do not develop properly.
I believe that thanks to your books  teachers and even ordinary parents get to know how to raise a child and  how to help them understand the true values of life.

History of moral education in Russia.

"These books are a mine of wisdom, of parables and legends, in which all the world's wisdom is concentrated," said Lena Morozova, a 26-year-old primary school teacher at Public School No. 26 in St. Petersburg. "They prepare the children for the future, for all problems of life that people must deal with."

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Beginning!

From what should I start ? :-)) I think - from the begining of our story...
It happened many years ago, I was in early childhood when two persons desided to start their great project!
Alesia Lopatina & Masha Skrebtsova
     They desided to collect kind and moral stories which can touch hearts, make children sensitive. Also they head aim rewrite mathematics, languages disciplines, world of nature and another school subjects in easy and interesting way. Alesia and Masha wanted to help children feel the beauty of Knowledge. It was in 1991.
And now they have more then 80 books and total amount more then 1 000 000 copies! 
     Their way was difficult with many obstacles. Masha and Alesia have to promote their books by themselve. They conducted seminars in more them 200 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan. Now their books are sell in a lot of book shops in many countries. Some of books was translated into different languages.
     I think it's amazing and inspirational story! From what they started and where they are now ?! 
Here I see that if you really want something - you can do it ! Whatever you want! 
And if your wish is good and useful - someone or something will help you!