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The ideal teacher like utopia, but such an acute
need of our time .... Nowadays there is demand,
and therefore should be followed the proposal!
Absolute delight made ​​me jewelry work teacher.
Subtle psychological effect on the child and the parent.
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Every child is special! 

Interesting scheme exponentially in relation to human existence and "good-creation." 
Not utopian, but I think it is working. 
I'm doing good to three people and talking
- pay it forward....)

Artless story in which not the slightest sentimentality or pathos, suddenly finds universal meaning. Speaking of Bruno and Shmuel, a writer not only speaks of the tragedy of the Holocaust, but also about the place the child in the modern world as a whole - his helplessness in the face of adults, of his right to immunity and of the indomitable force that lurks in the children's affections.

The Pianist
This film is the kind of magnificent filmmaking that shows a director not only being as true to the story given to him (that of Painist Szpilman, based on his autobiography) but to his past as well- Roman Polanksi faced similar conditions as a boy in the early 40's, and has found the best line to show, never crossed or mis-stepped, in representing the characters and the period.
      Incredible story and amazing Adrian Brody!

It's real story of a schoolteacher's struggle to teach violin to inner-city Harlem kids. Roberta Guaspari is a real person. Film brought me inspiration and pleasure. Should watch this!             

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