Saturday, September 3, 2011

"It's never late to learn"

This new short tale I want to devote to my dear mom! Her name is Galina. She’s 46 and she’s student ))) She is studying state and municipal administration. It’s not ordinary for our country to be the student in that age. But why not ? It’s never late to learn. I’m very proud of her. She makes her world wider, she improves her skills, she meet new people. It doesn’t important how old you are! Nowadays I think we should leave our prejudices in past. They hinder us to live. And this is scientific fact your brain will stay healthy if you use it actively. You will stay young and many diseases you don't touch if you will study! ;-))

 It's never late to learn.

When a new pupil arrived in the music class, all the children burst out laughing.

“You’re in the wrong place, granddad!” someone shouted.

“Quiet, children. Meet Mr Boo – I used to teach his children. They grew up a long time ago. Now Mr Boo no longer has to work, and he wants to learn the flute himself,” the teacher explained.

“Can old people really learn?” the children asked in surprise.

It’s never too late to learn,” the teacher replied.

To begin with, the children sniggered at Boo, but soon the old man learned to play the flute better than any of them.
Two years went by. Flutist Boo, as they had now begun to call him, was invited to play at lots of concerts, even though he was still just a pupil.
“This year, instead of a final exam, the best pupils will perform in a flute concert in the capital,” the teacher announced one day.
“Is Mr Boo coming too?” the children wanted to find out.
“Of course, he’s our best pupil. It will be his exam to become a musician. The King will be an honorary guest there. He has prepared the prize for the best musician – a golden flute.”
When Boo’s turn to play arrived, no one wanted to let him on the stage.
“You’re in the wrong place, granddad – this is a competition for pupils!” they told him.
“And I’m a pupil!” the old man replied proudly.
Boo cast a spell over the entire hall when he played. At the end, even the king was on his feet, applauding him.
When Boo was presented with the golden flute, his teacher declared:
It’s never too late to learn.”

And what subject or proffession do you dreamed to learn? May be it’s not to late to open a new page in your life? Or, if you are a brave person and do what you want immediatly – tell us your story! May be it will help somebody!

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  1. Many people say, “You better learn it young, because youth it the time for progress”.
    It’s true. But I know one secret how to be young all your life. It’ s very simple - you have to learn every day something new and create every day something new. Then you capacities to learn grow each year of your life.
    If you want to learn something, but think the time has past and you can't do it...think again and you understand, you can learn whatever you want, because it is never to late for anything.

    My last example: It is never too late to learn English! I started to learn English when I was fifty plus and you see…