Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fairy Tale Therapy.

Studies was in the library
  What can do author of fairy tales in the orphanage ? Of course to help children dream and write different fairy tales! Alesia worked with children of the one moscow orphanage from Oktober 2010 to May 2011. I know for someone fairy tale therapy sounds not so seriously. But they are wrong. 
   Fairy tale therapy is a unique method of psychological, moral and spiritual support for children. Such therapy considers fairy tales as a way of character education, as opportunity for discussion and solution of psychological and social problem of any person, as a way to develop positive and socially active thinking. Fairy tale therapy helps children understand themselves, and thus creates a sense of psychological security and allows children to develop their inner creative abilities and vital resources.


Children and their educators.   
The “Fairy Tale Therapy” project is dedicated to the future of the children. The first step of this project was to offer children to write fairy tales on the topic “Secrets in My Name.” For the home children it’s fun and simple but for the orphans….With some children need long time to establish contact, so they just listened to you. And only after a few months children start to believe you. Some 7 years old children can’t write, can’t concentrate and said their opinion.

Fairytale's discussion

Fairytales with illustration written by kids
     Of course such educating process is difficult and educator should be patient and kind,  considerate and strict… he/she should be the good example in everything… But it’s very important thing not only for these children but for all mankind.
         If a child grows in goodness and kindness then he becomes a decent good person. And on the contrary….


There are a great number of orphans in Russia and their life is full of sadness.  But we hope that the situation will be better in future.

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