Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful portraits of children with Down syndrom

"To argue that people with Down syndrome - the Angels, I would not like. But watching them, I dare to assume that after the Angels - they are as follows." Vladimir Mishukhov, russian photographer.
This is wonderful project named "Very close ones".  
Vladimir made beautiful portraits of children with Down syndrom. 
I think it's very good for the our society! People should see the beauty in such persons! And such wonderful photos are the great help in that. 
I think such exhibitions make our society more humanistic!

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, one of the 700 babies in the world is born with Down syndrome. This ratio is similar in different countries, climates and social strata. It does not depend on the lifestyle of parents, their health habits, nutrition, education and nationality.
In Russia, 2,500 children are born each year with Down syndrome. With 85% of families refuse them, even in the hospital. Families, in which children grow up with Down syndrome, lack of social support.

Man with Down syndrome can live a life as a person without symptoms. Especially if you grow in an atmosphere of love of his family and feels positive attitude of the society. 

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