Monday, October 3, 2011

"In harmony with nature"

      "In harmony with nature"
     The first contacts with Nature is the most IMPORTANT as it will stay in his memory all his life. Thus, The First Books on Ecology shouldn't be dry and push-off.
      The stories and poems tell the children things how beautiful and valuable Nature is.

       Aim of this book: Formulating in children an understanding of the mutually dependent relationship between humans and the surrounding natural world.
1. Every human being is responsible for nature. 
2. Nature needs my care and attention. 
3. I can lend nature a helping hand.

      We offer you stories about flowers and tress: Nature's Beautiful Gifts. Each story in friendly and entertaining form introduces children with scientific knowledge of a role of trees and flowers in ECOLOGY of our planet: 
- how they grow; 
- how they look like; 
- how they cooperate with people and with the World of animals and birds.
       The aim of these stories is to cultivate love for the nature, so that the child would feel himself as inseparable part of the Nature. And will learn to benefit from its healing and life-giving forces that people of today are so much in need.
       By losing connection with Nature, we are losing our health - physical and spiritual. Hence, we need to realize it before it is too late! And we must do our best to make our children closer to nature, to help them to feel nature and together with them take care of Ecology of our Planet Earth!

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       The authors would be pleased to receive any comments you may have! 

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