Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer "Good habits camp" for children

     If you’re interested in children education, worry about morality, want to teach children ecology and healthy way of life and so on….If you want to teach kids good way of life….Then there is a great idea to open camp (summer, winter, autumn and spring). And there you can set your rules, good and right rules! You as Director show good example and….I think you know – all depends on the head!
In yellow T-shirt (behind Sasha) - Vladimir ( The Director of this camp).
     And we ( I, Alesia and Masha) were in such camp. Vladimir ( The Director) can’t get over the fact that all the smoke around, drink, say terrible words and do nothing…  And he decided to open “Good Habits Camp”. Vladimir and his crew show children healthy, active and interesting way of life.  This camp is not large (maybe 30 kids). All depends on money…It’s not easy. But it’s a great pleasure and profit for these 30 kids!
Sasha Ismailov likes it very much. And also it’s good for him to have normal social contacts. This camp placed near Moscow. But we could wish to see not only one but a great number such places))  Ordinary educators in camps look after physical conditions but not moral and creative ones.

It was the meeting with parents. Only one time at the end of  3 weeks' period

Sasha took part in the play ( Lion :-))

Acrobatic ))

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